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Riverboat on the Potomac

About the Riverboat on the Potomac

Past History of Riverboat: 

Look no further than the shore of the Potomac River! Tom and Penny Flanagan purchased the Old Reno and renamed it "Riverboat on the Potomac". In 1992, it was the hub of activity with the Maryland and Virginia lottery. They brought with them Keno (Maryland Lottery), which is as Tom said, "Keno is more like Bingo". On February 9, 1994, they received their license for Off Track Betting, the horses and the business took off like a thoroughbred heading for the finish line!

Tom and Penny have enjoyed a great relationship with the Town of Colonial Beach and their patrons for many years. A town dubbed, "Little Las Vegas" by the "Saturday Evening Post", was coming back to life with the new offerings at the Riverboat.

While away on vacation, catastrophe struck, Hurricane Isabel destroyed the building on September 18, 2003. Determined to rebuild, Penny stated, "It was Tom's dream; because he was the Riverboat." After many months of red tape, the first test pilings were finally completed in late 2004. Unfortunately, Tom did not live to see the completion of the new building.


The Current owners, Maruthi Prasad Veeramarchnani and Gagandeep Suri purchased the Riverboat on the Potomac with a vision to make sure the Historic icon continues to be a part of Colonial Beach.  They are working to bring back the glory it had in its historic past. We are back bigger and better than ever! All dining rooms and the banquet room have the sought after panoramic views of the Potomac River. 

No matter how you arrive, by boat, golf cart, helicopter, motorcycle, car or truck, there is multiple access which is the key at this location! Situated on the Potomac River in Colonial Beach, the Riverboat has something for everyone.  Located on the boardwalk they are within proximity to Hotels, B&B’s and shopping,


The Riverboat is located on the beach (Virginia) and over of the Potomac River (Maryland). The Riverboat offers Off-track betting, Keno, Maryland and Virginia lottery and to top it off with great food, a fun atmosphere, outside dining and gorgeous views of the Potomac River!

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