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November Comedy Show at the Riverboat

On the first Saturday of each month the Riverboat becomes a professional comedy club.

The show is $10 to get in.

(day of show credit card tickets are $12)

Doors open at 7pm for food, and the show begins at 8pm

Limited menu available in the showroom

Our headliner is Johnny Watson

He comes under many descriptions: “Dynamic,” “Relatable,” “Professional,” and most important of all, “Very, Very Funny.” Johnny Watson is a “nice guy” comedian who can perform anywhere and under any circumstance. Once Johnny finds his “zone” he’s all there.

“That guy [Watson] has the looks, the smarts, and the appeal to be a star,” Hollywood casting director Dean Fronk said after seeing Watson perform in Pasadena, California.

Johnny has even garnered attention

from Hollywood stars. Adam Ferrara of the acclaimed FX hit “Rescue Me” and Comedy Central fame said after a performance that “Johnny Watson always makes me laugh.” Part of what makes Johnny so funny is that he doesn’t have a need to exaggerate. Genuinely honest and self deprecating, there is no topic from his life that he is afraid to poke fun at. From a tough New Jersey neighborhood, Johnny “couldn’t fight a lick,” he says, so “I had to be funny if I wanted to stay alive!” After graduating dead last in his class, Grandma Watson implored him to try comedy because, she said lovingly, “you’re no good at anything else!”

Audiences love him for his charisma on the stage. Johnny creates an outstanding relationship with the crowd, easily interacting with groups large and small with his clean, sometimes goofy and sometimes edgy delivery. He excels a treading a crowd and playing to its taste. Club owners love Watson for his dependability.


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